About Us

Arman Nam Ara Group was established in 1397, which was initially a family business group, in order to expand and develop the retail market in Iran. During this period, Arman Nam Ara Group has become the largest owner of fashion chain stores in the country. Today, the company is the importer of several international fashion brands and the direct supervisor and manager of stores throughout the country. The gross area at the disposal of Anna Group stores is 10,000 square meters.
Anna is a supplier of various brands from Turkey as well as its own brands. At present, Arman Namara brands are offered in all major cities of the country. It should be noted that all our customers are located in different parts of the country. Experience working with different partners and teams has made us a group with high information in the field of sales market in Iran and has a business model to conquer the competitive market. Our motivated and active group is trying to meet the needs of its customers through supply. Provided reputable brands from all over the world.