The Cotton brand was founded in 1998, about 25 years ago, with the investment of two young men, Yilmaz and Golden. Their first step was to establish the brand in the summer of that year by setting up a store in Istanbul.
You may be interested to know that the work of this brand started in a small store that was only 25 square meters. This brand is currently one of the top Turkish manufacturers in the field of clothing, shoes and accessories. Not to mention that in the past, this brand produced limited products for women, and after welcoming their products, the managers of this brand decided to start producing clothes for other people in the society as well.
This Turkish brand has become one of the most popular brands imported to Iran and 34 other countries with its innovation and creativity in the production of its seasonal collections. One of the main characteristics of Cotton is to keep all sections of society satisfied with different tastes and incomes.